We at KLANG: technologies are here to offer a new and unique concert experience to musicians all over the world. We believe that musicians who feel comfortable on stage with their monitoring sound are able to perform better and connect with the band and audience more easily and freely.

In-ear monitoring, a phenomenon which spread widely over the past decades, is a huge step in this direction. Musicians still hesitate to make the switch from wedges to in-ears – they are troubled with an unnatural sound, missing transparency, auditory fatigue and disorientation.

With our 3D In-Ear Monitoring, we are striving to overcome those last obstacles on the way to a perfect monitoring sound. We want to bring back the naturalness in hearing for the musician on stage – the feeling, as if you are not wearing any in-ears at all.



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Tel: +44 (0) 1784 433687
Email: info@hdproaudio.co.uk

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