10 Eazy

Are you facing any of these challenges? Decibel limits, complaints about sound levels from the audience/congregation or neighbours filing complaints to local authorities, then 10EaZy is probably the solution you are looking for.

The majority of sound level limits are based around time-averaged measurements, often referred to as Leq measurements. When a show needs to be mixed to a limit that is averaged over 30 or 60 minutes, using conventional sound level meters makes it very difficult for the sound engineer to know where he will end up later in the show. This leads to confusion, frustration and the risk of limit violation, with potential heavy fines/law suits!

10EaZy remedies this problem by continuously showing the engineer how he or she is doing compared to the target average, providing the tools needed to mix a show with the dynamic required by the music while ensuring that the volume stays within the given sound level limit. Clear intuitive and unambiguous values displayed to the person in charge of the sound level equals shows that stay within the set limit, ensuring the health and safety of the crowd and the employees, peace of mind at the production office, and focus on great sounding shows at the mixing position.

10EaZy is a unique solution providing pre-calibrated high quality IEC/ANSI compliant hardware combined with the extremely intuitive 10EaZy software. Since its release in 2005, 10EaZy has set the standard for Leq measurements in the entertainment industry. A number of the 10EaZy features has since then been copied by other manufacturers, but we are still the only company to offer true tamper-free hardware and fully documented class compliance in a turn-key solution. This saves our customers the trouble of finding qualified hardware and daily worries about ensuring properly calibrated and reliable measurements.


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